Heart rate slows after orgasm

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heart rate slows after orgasm

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We only index and link to content provided by other sites. What is Tantric Sex REALLY Like? This powerful seven level technique must be learned from a master with due observation of precautions. The benefits of individual or partnered practice have the potential to promote positive influence in the broader lives of the practitioners.

Tradition and today The teaching of the Cobra Breath is an oral lineage passed from teacher to teacher for thousands of years. We are regularly asked to teach the Cobra Breath via skype and what we have developed is a compromise practise that will create similar energy movements through your body. This practise has been specifically developed for people to experience energy breathing techniques and still respecting the lineage and tradition of the Cosmic Cobra Breath. This practise can also be easily learnt via skype with a minimum of effort yet still create a powerful experience for any one who chooses to learn.